Is love over? Video of Maya Nazor would reveal break with Santa Fe Klan

Santa Fe Klan is once again in the midst of controversy, this after the explosive statements of Maya Nazor through social networks, where he angrily asked his followers to stop asking about the singer and immediately woke up suspicions of a breakup with his words.

For a few days the rapper and the influencers They set off alarm bells among their fans about a breakup, since they have no longer been seen together at concerts and other events as they used to. Nor are they dedicating romantic messages on their Instagram profiles as was the case just a few weeks before, prior to Maya’s statements with which she would confirm that her relationship ended.

During a live that she carried out on her social networks, Maya Nazor was questioned about the rapper and he immediately exploded by asking that from now on they ask him how he was. In the middle of the shock that caused his words, he stated that there is a relationship of respect and affection between them for the child they have in common.

“I only I ask for a lot of respect both him and me, the day we want we are going to talk about it I have nothing more to say… Only if I would like them to stop asking me all the time about Ángel, in TikTokin my photos,Enough!” Said the content creator.

To his statements are added the messages he shared on his Twitter account, with which he expresses feeling disappointed and mentions being an “option”. This would confirm some of the rumors that arose about a infidelity by Ángel Jair Quezada, as is the given name of the Santa Fe Klan.

Love story

So far the interpreter of “I’ll go looking for you” He has not given statements in this regard; However, fans have expressed their sadness as they were considered one of the most beloved couples in the middle of the show. Last June they announced the arrival of their first son, Lukeand although everything seemed to be going well now rumors of a separation are growing.

Rumors of a break between Maya Nazor and the Santa Fe Klan are growing. Photo. IG @santa_fe_klan_473

Although there is no official version of how they met, Maya Nazor has pointed out on more than one occasion that she already knew about the Santa Fe Klan before they met and they had contact through social networks. “Ángel’s heart can be seen from kilometers away and I know that all the people who love him realize this and that’s why they want him,” he said in a video shared on Youtube.

In August 2021 the rapper he asked her to be his girlfriend with a romantic proposal Guanajuato and by April of this year they announced that they were expecting their baby: “Welcome to the world, my child. Here I wait for you son to take care of you and your mother forever”.


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