From a yacht, Ninel Conde shows off her curves with a tiny bikini

Ninel Conde has caught the eye on social networks in the last few hours because she published a video in which she wasted beauty and sensuality, as it turns out that the actress and singer known as “El Bombón Asesino” showed off her curves from a yacht wearing a tiny bikini with which she did not leave much to the imaginationTherefore, as expected, the businesswoman also received dozens of compliments with which she was able to reaffirm herself as one of the most attractive women in the entire show business.

last weekend, Ninel Conde She was more active than usual in her social networks and this is because she presumed that she is enjoying the paradisiacal beaches of Acapulco Guerrero, Although the singer did not specify if she is in this coastal area for work or pleasure, however, she has equally attracted attention with her daring bikinis.

As mentioned before, the video with which Ninel Conde stole dozens of sighs was recorded from a yacht and squandered beauty with a fuchsia bikiniwhich, because it was exceedingly minute, allowed the “Killer Bombón” to show off each and every one of the curves of her spectacular silhouettewhich he has managed to preserve thanks to rigorous diets and strenuous exercise routines.

Ninel Conde caught the eye during her stay in Acapulco. Photo: IG: ninelconde

For this occasion, Ninel Conde posed in different ways so that her beauty could be appreciated from all possible angles, In addition, she made some gestures that were extremely seductive to her fans, who could not resist her beauty and flattered the businesswoman as well.

Ninel Conde has a more than enviable physique. Photo: IG: ninelconde

“A real bonbon”, “You are a goddess”, “The prettiest of all”, “What a great body!”, “Like good wines”, “Every day more cool” and “Sensuality made woman” were some of the compliments that Ninel Conde received thanks to her risky beach look.

Ninel Conde continues to be the most sought-after single in show business

A few days ago various photographs circulated in which Ninel Conde she appeared more than affectionate with a mysterious man who is much younger than her and for this reason, it was said that she had already left the bachelorhood and even in different media it was said that it had been released as “Sugar Mommy”However, in the face of all the commotion that arose, “El Bombón Asesino” clarified that she is still single and asked not to generate speculation about his figure.

“Ok, for the only time I clarify that I have no sentimental relationship, nor am I looking for… please stop speculating”, It was the text that Ninel Conde wrote on her social networks, however, far from putting an end to the rumors, the versions around her sentimental situation did not stop and they asked her to clarify who is the mysterious and young heartthrob with whom she was captured.

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