Andrés Cantor, the Argentine commentator who broke down in tears when narrating the penalty that was worth a World Cup

Andrés Cantor criedó  watching Argentina win the 2022 World Cup in Qatar (Photo by: Getty Images/Twitter video capture)

Andrés Cantor cried when he saw Argentina win the Qatar 2022 World Cup (Photo from: Getty Images / Twitter video capture)

The happiness of seeing their team champion invades anyone. Argentina did the feat in Qatar 2022 and happiness invaded all the Argentines who witnessed what they had achieved. Andres Cantor, Telemundo narrator, was one of the most moved by his team’s world title.

During the last section of the final, in the penalty shootout, the Argentine chronicler could not avoid a lump in his throat when he barely gabriel montiel he was running to collect the final penalty. After the player scored the winning goal, the narrator broke down in tears.

After a video was released about the reaction of the Telemundo chronicler, social networks also recognized his work. Francisco de la Torre, the Consul General of Mexico in Dallas He pointed out on his Twitter: “For the people who live in the United States and watch television in Spanish, the voice of Andrés Cantor is synonymous with soccer, our language is delicious and the narrations of Mr. Cantor, his team and colleagues do it justice. . Thank you for transmitting emotions that the images evoke.”

Argentina was crowned world champion again after 36 years of drought. The last time they lifted the trophy was in Mexico 1986. Since then, many people still have memories of that moment and others of Andrés Cantor recounting those characteristic moments of the Argentine National Team.

Now, Cantor’s story in the third world championship in Argentina will remain for posterity. Maybe not as much as the voice of Victor Hugo Moralesthe iconic voice that narrated Maradona’s fantastic goal in Mexico 86. But today’s story meant more than just a narration for several Latinos who tuned in the United States.


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