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Andres Felipe Martinez

Andrés Felipe Martínez (right) also acted in the play ‘Estado Civil Infiel’.

Andrés Felipe Martínez (right) also acted in the play ‘Estado Civil Infiel’.

The famous actor decided to go to seek better luck in the United States.

A difficult personal financial situation led actor Andrés Felipe Martínez to go to the United States to seek better luck so they can send money to their children.

Martínez is remembered for having played Malcolm in the novel ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’the Elizondos’ servile butler when Gabriela decided to marry Fernando Escandón.

With the arrival of the pandemic, as happened to so many people, Martínez decided to sell a large part of his belongings to go to work outside of Colombiaas revealed to the show business show La Red de Caracol Televisión.

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The actor also of plays such as “Unfaithful Marital Status” said that he has bequeathed to clean houses and that he now works in a shipping company.

“I decided to take the risk and came to settle legally, so I already have social security and a work permit,” said Martínez.

He added that he is trying to find a “talent visa” and that because of his children he has gained strength to carry out hard work.

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“I am doing this for my children, surely if I did not have my children I would be in Colombia… Here you suffer a lot, the conditions are very difficultbut there is a big difference: while in my country doing a job like the one I did last year, it didn’t give me enough to eat, here it does”, he noted.

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