“Women are fed up with humiliation every day”: the vision of an Iranian activist on the protests in her country

Women in Iran are fed up with everyday humiliation by misogynistic and archaic laws (AP)
Women in Iran are fed up with everyday humiliation by misogynistic and archaic laws (AP)

The protests in Iranwhich broke out after the death of Mahsa Amini for wearing the regulatory veil wrongly placed, they do not stop. For months, multiple cities across the country have been convulsed by protesters who take to the streets to assert their rights.

At first, people chanted slogans like “killed for a handkerchief, how much more humiliation?” Y “woman, life, freedom” but, quickly, these demands turned against the regimeasking for the “death to the dictator” and the end of the Islamic Republic.

Elnaz Sarbar Boczek is an Iranian activist who fights for women’s rights. She spent her childhood and youth in the country-she even graduated as an industrial engineer from the Sharif University of Technology-but at the age of 28 she decided to go to USAfor security cuestions.

Elnaz Sarbar Boczek is an activist and fights for women's rights
Elnaz Sarbar Boczek is an activist and fights for women’s rights

Now, she works to get the voice of Iranian women to the world and narrates the current struggle in her country which, unlike previous revolts, is about “an opportunity that we have not seen before, both inside and outside of Iran”.

From the very beginning, people understood that this fight went far beyond Amini’s death and that what is really needed is a root change. “Iranian women know that the hijab is a Red line of this regime historically based on gender separation and they want this regime gone completely. No more Islamic Republic”, explained the activist in dialogue with middle East.

This situation led to a deep support of men and youth, who have been committed to the cause and have taken to the streets despite knowing the risks that this entailed. from the violent repression ordered by the authorities arrests and, even, death sentencesthe generation Z Y students University and high school students have given the present in the streets and schools.

That is why among the keys to the success of these protests is the determination of the peopleespecially one confidence in womennever seen before. “They are fed up with the humiliation they experience every day because of the mandatory hijab and they are ready to fight for their freedom and never go back to it.”, Salvar Boczek continued.

The protests have great support from the new generations and schools and universities became one of the focal points of demonstrations

The Islamic Republic was established in 1979 and since then little has changed. The misogynistic and archaic laws that weigh on women have been completely out of step with the modern world, which has already understood that they are not correct.

However, the strength that the authorities of the regime still maintain within the country and the conviction of a group of society leads the activist to think that “the Islamic Republic is not capable of reforming itself.” “The Iranian people have been trying for forty years,” she continued, explaining that for this reason, at this moment what is being demanded is a complete change of the regimethat endorses a modification so that the Constitution is not supervised by a supreme leader.

Iran is mired in corruption and the oppression of the regime. Women are humiliatedethnic and religious minorities are persecutedmismanagement triggered in poverty. All as a result of 43 years of unchecked power bestowed on the supreme leader.

This questioning, which began last September in Iran, spread to other nearby areas that coexist with similar social and political structures. “I like that in middle East – specifically in Iran and Afghanistan– are fighting Islamist states whose agenda is to stay in power and export their ideology to the rest of the world,” Salvar Boczek said amid his efforts to push the claims forward.

The regime and a series of latin american leaders ensure from the beginning that behind these protests is West -being USA the main one pointed by Ali Khamenei-. In an attempt to counter the union strength that got the people from him, they have pointed to the mossadthe INC, Britain and Israel as promoters of these “unrest” that seek to destabilize the authorities.

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei took aim at the West for being behind the "unrest" in the country (REUTERS)
The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei targeted the West for being behind the “riots” in the country (REUTERS)

In this regard, Salvar Boczek explained that this support in Latin America only shows that “they benefit from the fact that the Islamic Republic is in power since they are repeating the narrative that the Islamic Republic wants to feed the world.” “People are very aware” of the difficult situation that the country has been experiencing for decades and, therefore, “he expresses it through a song: “Our enemy is here. It’s a lie that it’s the United States.””.

Finally, the activist alerted the women of this region about the position adopted by its officials since “if they do not help Iranian and Afghan women to fight against these regimes, one day they will have to fight against their terror in Latin America.” “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” she concluded, quoting Martin Luther King.

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