Why do they call the Argentina goalkeeper “Dibu”? History of the nickname Halftime


One of the most outstanding elements for Argentina to play the World Cup Final against France has been the goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez and here we explain the origin of the nickname “Dibu”.

How many goals has Argentina conceded in the 2022 World Cup?

Throughout the championship, the albiceleste team has only allowed five goals in six games and to a large extent it has been due to the performance of his goalkeeper. Martínez stood out, mainly, in the penalty shootout against “Clockwork Orange” where he managed to save two to propitiate the pass to the next round.

In which teams has Emiliano Martínez played?

At the age of 30, Martínez trained at Independiente, but from a very young age he emigrated to England with the oxford united and from there it went to Arsenal, although it never managed to consolidate in its different stages. He also tried his hand at EFL Championship teams such as Sheffield, Rottherham United and Reading; as well as Wolves in the Premier League.

In 2017-18 he emigrated to Spain to play a tournament with the Getafealthough his moment of brilliance reached him since 2020 when he signed with his current team, the astonville.

Why is the Argentina goalkeeper called Dibu?

When Martínez was just four years old, in Argentina there was a television series called “My Family is a Drawing”, where the leading child, who was a cartoon, was too similar to Emiliano both because of his freckles, like your nose and hair color, so his family began to identify him in this way and when he began to play soccer, the nickname stuck with him. This series broadcast by Telefé dealt with the situations of a cartoon boy who lived with humans.

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