VIDEO: Issa Vegas paralyzes TikTok from the gym in tight lycra

issa vegas She is one of the most recognized fitness influencers today, since she has 9.1 million on Instagram alone and 6.4 million on TikTok, whom she constantly surprises with her exercise content or her best bikinis. On this occasion the beautiful Argentine left everyone speechlessbecause he showed how he looks when he is giving her all exercising and it’s not how his fans think.

On this occasion, Issa uploaded a TikTok in which he wrote: “How do you think I see myself training” and then put pictures of her in a gray and black top and white lycra lifting weights in a very sensual way, but then put “How I Really Look” and clips of her on a stationary bike suffering to finish and also doing lunges with weights suffering from pain. Although she wrote: “How sad”, her fans gave her hundreds of compliments because always looks spectacular in lycra.

He has a very long career

The also model has not only been successful on social networks, but has also participated in television programs, in which she also gave exercise routines for the public and has also been a host. Also a few months ago he opened his OnlyFans pagewhere he usually uploads adult content.

He has a great body. Photo: Instagram.

And it is that she always surprises with her great body, since she has never gone through the operating room and it is all thanks to her effort, when she was younger she had a very thin body, now the difference is abysmal sinceHe has a very stylized and strong body.

Excited for the Qatar 2022 final

In recent days Issa has been very excited because Argentina reached the Qatar 2022 World Cup Final after beating their Croatian counterpart. However, her Mexican fans have attacked her a lot, because there is a rivalry between both teams.

He hopes to see Messi champion. Photo: Instagram.

“Apparently it is forbidden to celebrate a country living in another. I was born in Argentina, I have lived 15 years in Mexico and now I’m in the USA and that’s not why I have more or less rights than anyone else. I would be just as happy if it were for Mexico, because it is a country that has given me everything and it makes me very sad that they wish ill to a country that has had such a bad time; they deserve joy. Hopefully they can feel happy when they see the joy of others, it feels really nice. Give it a try!” the OnlyFans model wrote.


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