Vicente Fernández Jr. and Mariana González get engaged in Paris. The details!

Vincent Fernandez Jr. and his girlfriend Mariana Gonzalez They got engaged in Paris. The Mexican singer and businessman, son of the legendary singer Vicente Fernández, will soon be walking down the aisle. The couple also dreams of having a baby.

“It was very romantic, I didn’t expect it,” the Mexican businesswoman told Wake up America (Univision). “He has invited me several times to travel but this trip was my birthday.” Mariana reveals that her partner was a bit mysterious. She told him “I’m going to take you somewhere”, but she didn’t tell him where.

She insisted that he tell her where they would be traveling so that she could pick out her clothes. She finally told him that they were going to France. He took her to dinner at a beautiful restaurant and there she asked him to be her wife.

Going down some steps, she saw “a red carpet with a ‘Marry me’ sign, balloons, flowers, champagne and the Eiffel Tower from behind,” Mariana González recalls this magical moment.



“Thank God for another year of my life, grateful for each of your messages and good wishes. It was unique,” she wrote on Instagram about her birthday in Paris. “Thank you love for this great surprise, you are simply the best.”

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