Three possible penalties; Ramos Rizo analyzes the controversy of the final

Felipe Ramos Rizo, former referee and ESPN analyst, assured that it was not a penalty in favor of Argentina in the final of the Qatar 2022 World Cup against France

QATAR — Felipe Ramos Rizoformer referee and analyst of ESPNassured that it was not criminal in favor of Argentina in the end of the World Cup Qatar 2022 in view of Francethe same thing that gave the South Americans the advantage.

Through his Twitter account, the former World Cup player shared his position on the lack that angel di maria received in the French area.

“This is not criminal, please. Minute 21 in favor of Argentina, ”he said in the first instance. In addition, he charged against the VAR, where the Mexican Fernando Guerrero is acting as Support VAR. “The inoperative VAR”, pointed out Ramos Rizo himself on said social network.

At minute 21 of the game, say mary He had contact with Ousmane Dembelé in the area of ​​the French team, this after the ‘Fideo’ won the position of the French winger after a series of feints in the big area.

The Argentine felt how Dembélé put his arm behind his back and fell to the grass of the Lusail Stadium. Immediately, the Polish referee, Szymon Marciniakdid not hesitate to sanction the maximum penalty in favor of the South Americans.

Despite the fact that by rule the VAR reviewed the play, they did not ask Marciniak to go to the monitor to review the play and the shot from eleven steps was confirmed.

Then, Lionel Messi took the ball and prevailed against Hugo Lloris in what was his first goal in a World Cup final, this after in the final against Germany in the 2014 edition of Brazil, he could not be present on the scoreboard, since in regulation time, both teams tied without goals and it was in extra time when the Teutons scored through Mario Götze.

After the penalty that converted MessiRamos Rizo himself continued with his criticism of arbitration, considering that Cristian Romero deserved a yellow card after having a repetition of fouls, in addition to the fact that in a clash between Messi himself and Theo Hernandez, the foul was on the Argentine side despite because they marked it against the French.

In the same way, the same Ramos Rizo He maintained that the penalty they scored in favor of France was “rigorist”, this after Kolo Muani received a foul by Nicolás Otamendi in the Argentine area.

“Very rigorous the penalty in favor of France. Mbappé achieves two for one ”, Ramos Rizo wrote on his Twitter account.

After the whistling Pole scored the maximum penalty, it was Kylian Mbappé who converted to bring the Gauls closer on the scoreboard. His shot went to the right of Emiliano Martínez, who deflected the ball, but not enough to save it.

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