This is how the luxurious wedding menu of Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira is prepared

With less than a year of relationship, Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira are already preparing all the details of their wedding, which is getting closer every day, as it is expected to be in the first quarter of 2023, on a very special date. for both


At 54 years old, Mark Anthony He has already been married three times, but everything seems to indicate that this will be the final one, since he has been seen to be very much in love with Ferreira, whose romance was made public only in the middle of this year. However, they have already experienced many things together that have led them to decide to be together for life.

The couple’s engagement occurred in the middle of the celebrations for the model’s 23rd birthday, in which they traveled together to Disney, and were accompanied by several mutual friends and her family, who have also been quite involved in the wedding preparation process Mark Anthony.

Find out so many things, the model has been seen visiting several restaurants and chefs where she has done a kind of menu tasting to decide the ideal for her wedding in which she wants to mix her customs and culture with those of Mark Anthony in order to meet the tastes of all guests.

Apparently Nadia is determined to take her wedding to the highest level, and Mark Anthony It has allowed her to choose everything to her liking, without skimping on expenses, which is why the couple will surely have the wedding of the Paraguayan dreams, in a paradisiacal place

Marc Anthony with his girlfriend on the trip where he proposed to her. Photo: Telemundo

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