The rejuvenated Salma Hayek: the actress reappears thinner and debuting voluminous lips while surprising being the DJ of a party with an impressive black tulle dress | Social Networks | Entertainment

Salma Hayek is 56 years old and it seems that there is no profession that she cannot do or interpret, like the great artist What is it. In a video shared in instagram by the account of “La Mesa Caliente”, you can see the actress Mexican behind a console, wearing a daring cleavage, to become a sexy DJ.

Hayek’s appearance surprised everyone by showing voluminous lips, the new “retouching” that was done on her face and that leaves her very sexy and on par with the big celebrities who choose to modify that part of their face. The superstar arrived so beautiful and elegant for the 10th anniversary party of the magazine DuJour which was held in theHard Rock Hotel” from NYreported El Diario NY.

The surprise of Salma Hayek as a DJ at a party

According to UnoTv, those present at the party They were surprised to see how Salma took complete control of the console, put on her headphones and then demonstrated how good she was at this genre.

This was the 15-year-old party of Salma Hayek’s daughter: A modern style treat in which Valentina did not wear a glamorous quinceañera dress

probably her husband Francois-Henri Pinault he was aware of the talent that was hidden for so long from the rest of the mortals.

In the video circulating Internetyou can see the exact moment where the protagonist of “Frida” stopped talking to the attendees of the party of DuJour to go up to a small stage where the DJ of the party was.

The actress asked for permission, put on her headphones and took control of the turntable for which she received the applause of those present at the Hard Rock Hotel from New York.

After playing for a few minutes, the successful film producer got off the stage to continue enjoying the party.

Salma Hayek’s surprising black lace dress

Salma Hayek wore a dress for this night out designed for Giambattista Valli. The piece had lace and tulle on the skirt. The black garment with a gothic tendency, resembles the one worn by Merlina Addams in the scene of dance from the series Netflix.

“I don’t love the idea that my daughter is such a young actress”: Salma Hayek does not want her daughter to enter the world of acting being so young

The haute couture piece included fine bows on the straps. She also accented the dress by putting her hair up in a low ponytail and natural makeup. (AND)

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