The mother of the girl who made fun of Cristiano Ronaldo calls for her daughter’s mental health

Las tears of Cristiano Ronaldo on the field of the Al Thumama Stadium, after Portugal was eliminated against Morocco in the quarterfinals of the 2022 World Cup, they went around the world. Many made fun of the Portuguese, like a Moroccan girl who went viral.

In that video, this girl made some statements in which she mocks the elimination of Cristiano Ronaldo: “Portugal, that’s where the airport is. Where is Ronaldo? He is crying in his car. poor Ronaldo“.

Days after that, the girl’s mother had to make a publication on social networks where she appealed to everyone about what her daughter is going through, with harassment on social networks that makes her have a difficult time.

Those who are parents can fully understand this mother, with sincere apologies and regret: “I am the mother of the girl who became famous for the video of Cristiano Ronaldo. I just want to say that now my daughter is going through a very strong psychological state, to such an extent that she refuses to eat or speak for those comments.

The mother did not realize at the time the damage that they could do to her daughter through social networks: “I assure you that my daughter did not want to insult Cristiano Ronaldo because she He doesn’t know anything about soccer. He was just repeating what he heard around him. He is nine years old and she just wanted to express her joy, but unfortunately she was a victim of social media.”

For this reason, the mother made an appeal to stop what is making her family suffer: “I ask sorry to all Cristiano Ronaldo fans for what happened; she Are you treating your mental health?, her friends are treating her badly right now. Please regard her as her younger sister and forgive her.”

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