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Shakira continues to lead the headlines of the international press due to her separation with ex-soccer player Gerard Piqué. This time it was learned that the Barranquillera would have found clues about her ex-partner’s infidelity in the refrigerator at home.

On April 21, the interpreter of ‘Monotonía’ premiered the song ‘I congratulate you’ together with the singer Rauw Alejandro. In the music video there is a curious scene in which Shakira opens a fridge and finds the head of the Puerto Rican.

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The singer had an interview with Alison Hammond, on the British television show ‘This Morning’. During the conversation, the journalist recalled the scene of her video clip and asked her: “You don’t go to the fridge to get milk. What were you looking for?

The woman from Barranquilla answered bluntly: “To find the truth.” From his answer, several theories have been created on the internet. Keren Weinstein, the ‘instagrammer’ of gossip, commented on her social networks that Shakira would have discovered Piqué’s infidelity that way, because she would have noticed that some food disappeared.

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According to his theory, when the artist was not at home, someone ate the food that she liked and that the former soccer player did not like. In addition, in recent days a video was released showing Clara Chía visiting Piqué at the former couple’s family home. This made the ‘influencer’ speculation more credible.

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On social networks and in the press, several people have begun to create different speculations.
For example, the ‘Telecinco’ channel has commented that jam could be the product that the singer saw was spent the most, however, this has not been verified.

The song “I congratulate you” is a great success and in seven months it has accumulated 424 million views on YouTube. In addition, for weeks it was positioned in the first places of the music platforms.

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