Pedrito Sola accuses Camila Sodi of being a ‘mamila’ for her attitude in Fine Arts

  • Alejandro Luna passed away on December 13, 2022.
  • Luna Ledesma was a renowned architect, set designer, lighting designer and professor.

It was in the last broadcast of Ventaneando that the driver Pedrito Sola attacked Camila Sodi, due to his alleged attitudes in the posthumous tribute to Alejandro Luna, father of Diego Luna.

And it is that unfortunately on December 13 Alejandro Luna Ledesma passed away, so Culture of Mexico, together with the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature, offered a tribute on Friday, December 16 at 12:00 p.m. at the Palace of Fine arts.

Sodi undertook the task of accompanying the father of her children in such difficult moments and at the end of the tribute, the actress only thanked her with a few words about the unfortunate case and undertook the task of leaving the premises in a hurry:

“Thank you very much for accompanying us at such a difficult time for the family. We thank you very much,” said the singer.

Likewise, the reporters sought to obtain more statements, but seeing that the model did not stop to talk about it, they chose to thank her and express their support: “Your children did not stop hugging him, that speaks of his good upbringing, we are with you Camila, thank you.”

Pedro José Sola Murillo is the host of 'Ventaneando'.

Pedrito Sola did not hesitate to make a forceful comment towards Camila, whom he called a mamo**:

“Well, I’m a sucker* and what, that’s how I would have answered” declared Sola.

Camila González Sodi is a Mexican singer, actress and model.

In addition to that, Linet Puentes explained that she is normally like that and that at a time like this it was understandable. However, Pedrito declared that the moment was no longer so serious, since a few days had passed since her death:

“It was not such a serious moment, they go to the tribute, the man died two days ago, it’s over,” the driver concluded.

Pedrito Sola was born on January 28, 1947.

She is the niece of the singer and actress Thalía and a member of the Sodi family.

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