Olimpia and Motagua arrive at the Ceibeño stadium for the Apertura-2022 final in Honduras!


Welcome to the minute by minute of the Olimpia vs. Motagua!

THE GAME: Olimpia – Motagua (agg: 1-0)

Motagua players enter to walk on the Ceibeño grass.

Motagua arrived at the Ceibeño stadium at 5:40 in the afternoon.


André Orellana, defender of Olimpia, was part of the club’s delegation in La Ceiba, but according to what Pedro Troglio mentioned, he is injured.

It should be noted that Olimpia has three casualties for this match; the injured André Orellana and Elvin Casildo and the suspended Gabriel Araújo.

Olimpia arrives at the Ceibeño stadium at 5:20 in the afternoon. The albos were staying at the Paris hotel in La Ceiba.

Few Motagua fans look at each other on the outskirts of the Ceibeño colossus, but it must be remembered that the Olimpia board of directors confirmed that they would not allow people identified with blue club badges to enter.

It is the first time that a return final since the establishment of the short tournaments will be played in La Ceiba.

The stands of the Ceibeño stadium begin to fill with Olympic fans.

Good afternoon friends of TEN. Welcome to the minute by minute of the return final between Olimpia and Motagua from the Ceibeño stadium.


The wait is over! At the close of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, Olimpia and Motagua in Honduras the championship will be played tonight (7:00 pm) in the Grand Final Opening 2022 at the La Ceiba stadium.

The white They arrive with a minimal advantage (1-0) after winning in the first leg with a penalty goal from Yustin Arboleda in the last leg of the match. The blue they will try to equalize the score to go into overtime or come back to lift their second title of the year.

The lions They are looking for their 35th title and the fifth for the Argentine coach, Peter Troglio; while the Eagles they want the 19th and the two-time championship in the hands of the Tota Medina, who will not be in the match due to the punishment (4 matches) imposed by the Commission from Discipline for “improper conduct against the referee shortlist” in the first leg.

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In the Finals Motagua has been the only team that has measured the yardstick for Olimpia. The teams from the capital have seen their faces in 9 times, where Motagua has won 7 and Olimpia only 2.

The last time they saw each other in a final was in the Closing 2018-2019, where motagua champion was consecrated. In the first leg they were 2-2 and in the return to Cyclone it was enough for him to win 1-0 to conquer his title 17.

In all history, olympia Y motagua has faced each other 268 times, where the lions They are wide dominators with 100 games won, the Eagles have 61 wins and have drawn 107 times. olympia scored 291 goals and motagua scored 221.

Series in Tegucigalpa: 252 games: Olimpia won 92, Motagua won 56 and they tied 104.
Series at the Olympic: 4 games: Olimpia won 2 and Motagua won 2.
Series in Morazán: 4 games: Olimpia won 2, Motagua won 1 and tied 1.
Series in Comayagua: 5 games: Olimpia won 3 and Motagua won 2
Series in Danli: 2 games: Olimpia won 1 and tied 1
Series in Choluteca: 1 game: They tied it.

This will be the first time that Olimpia and Motagua face each other in Ceiba.


The Lion He is the top winner in Honduran soccer with 34 crowns and has become champion in various parts of the country. In Tegucigalpa it has given it 25 times, in Morazán (4), La Ceiba (2) and once in the Olímpico, Comayagua and Yankel Rosenthal.

motagua It is the second team with the most trophies in Honduras, the Eagles have been champions 18 times. At home, Tegucigalpa have done so 13 times, at the Morazán Stadium (2) and Olympic (2) he did it twice on each side and also won one on Puerto Cortes (1).


Olympia: Edrick Menjivar; Maylor Núñez, Brayan Beckeles, José García, Mango Sánchez, German Mejía, Jorge Álvarez, Michaell Chirinos, José Mario Pinto, Jerry Bengtson and Yustin Arboleda.

Motagua: Marlon Licona; Wesly Decas, Carlos Meléndez, Denil Maldonado, Marcelo Santos, Juan Delgado, Jonathan Núñez, Jesse Moncada, Iván López, Ángel Tejeda and Roberto Moreira.


Ceibeño Stadium, 7:00 pm on Televicentro, Telecadena. You can also follow minute by minute on the portal of diary TEN.

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