Migrant caravan was assaulted by an armed commando on the Zacatecas highway


Saturday was marked by one more act of violence since during the morning the armed assault on more than 20 migrants who were moving on a highway in the state of zacatecas.

The facts were recorded in el section 45 of the highway that unites the municipalities of Calera and Fresnillowhere the group of migrants from the USA.

According to local media reports, residents of the community of Felix U. Gomez belonging to the municipality of Enrique Estradareported that the victims were intercepted by an armed command that was traveling in several cars.

The victims were transported in six vehicles that were taken from them by the group of aggressors. Despite the fact that no injuries were reported, the group of countrymen was left adrift on the highway, without their belongings or money, so they moved on foot to a bus station in Félix U. Gómez.

In this regard, a video circulated on social networks in which a driver recorded the entourage walking on the edge of the road. Among the group of people you can see some minors.

“Here they go, güey, all the people, güey (…) A stream of people… Pure as a norteño, güey, yes they are like norteños”, the driver can be heard referring to the group of people. These were heading from California and Arizona to the state of Guanajuato to spend the Christmas holidays.

Subsequently, the Attorney General of the State of Zacatecas (FGJE) confirmed the facts through a brief statement and announced that they already had seven criminal complaints for the theft of six motor vehicles and specified that it was a group of 22 people affected.

“The FGJEZ received in the course of noon 7 criminal complaints for the theft of 6 motor vehicles, events that occurred on Federal Highway 45; with a total of 22 people affected, they were intercepted by armed individuals who stripped them of their belongings”

After being stripped, elements of the Metropolitan Police and members of the National Guard helped the people and took them to the FGJE facilities.

So far, no people have been reported arrested despite the fact that the authorities deployed an intense mobilization to find those responsible.

In recent days there have also been blockades by criminal groups on highway sections of the state (REUTERS / Stringer. NO RESES. NO ARCHIVES)
In recent days there have also been blockades by criminal groups on highway sections of the state (REUTERS / Stringer. NO RESES. NO ARCHIVES)

It should also be noted that the robbery occurred despite the fact that the program had been deployed on November 29 Country Heroeswhich seeks to serve Mexicans residing abroad and visiting Mexico temporarily, providing them with information and guidance in modules.

In a press conference the Secretary of the Zacatecano Migrant, ivan reyes millanaffirmed that, in coordination with the Government of Mexico, through the National Institute of Migration (INM), the state is ready to implement the operative winter 2022.

There he assured that support and accompaniment would be given to all Zacatecans who plan to travel and are organized in caravans. The operation will last until December 31.

Within the state, there is the participation of 18 observers at eight information points and a rest stop in municipalities such as: Zacatecas, Concepción del Oro, Calera, Fresnillo, Jerez, Río Grande, Trancoso and Villanueva, at strategic points for the arrival of the countrymen


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