Messi will sleep with Kun!

Unlike the case of Benzema in France, without confirmation of whether he will be in the final accompanying those who were his teammates until this tournament, in Argentina the atmosphere that exists with players who are injured or are an important part of the environment is very different. . In fact, in recent days Kun Agüero, Messi’s close friend, could be seen training alongside the rest of the internationals, despite the fact that he has already retired due to heart problems. But things go further.

On the eve of the final, and according to TyC, Kun will sleep in the same room as Messi, which they did so many times since they met in the Argentine youth teams, and which is undoubtedly the wish of Argentina’s 10, as he made him arrive through one of the Twitch broadcasts during the World Cup in which both spoke in public.

Not only will the AFA have that deference to Agüero, but it will also open its doors to other players who have been important in the Scaloni process and who were left out of the list of 26 due to injuries. This is the case of Lo Celso, Nico González and Joaquín Correa. The coach wanted to remember them and give them their place in the concentration despite the fact that they could not be registered at the time. The good atmosphere prevails in Argentina a few hours away from being able to fight for the world title. Anything that surrounds Messi with what he most desires, in this case his friend Agüero, is considered beneficial for the interests of the Albicelestes.

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