How much money does Argentina earn for winning the Qatar 2022 World Cup? And the rest of the teams for playing it?

(CNN Spanish) — Argentina rose as champion of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. It was the winner among thirty-two teams that participated in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, where in addition to honor and prestige, there are also prizes for each of the participants.

It is well known that national teams have various sources of income in competitions of this type, such as those derived from sponsorships. But, added to this, the World Cup tournament has a guaranteed bag for all the qualifiers.

Since its 2020 Annual Report, FIFA had already announced that it would have a budget of US$ 1,696 million to invest in the World Cup in Qatar this year. Of that total, indicates the soccer organization, 26% will go to prizes for the national teams.

This is equal to US$ 440 million, which will be distributed in each of the phases of the tournament: groups, round of 16, quarter, third and fourth places, and the final of the World Cup.

How much of the accumulated does each World Cup team get?

At a briefing in April, FIFA gave details to the teams about the prizes they would receive for their participation in the Qatar tournament.

To begin with, the organization pointed out that “all the teams will receive US$ 1.5 million before the competition to cover expenses derived from the preparations.”

Likewise, the figures broken down by phase were released:

  • The teams that remain in the group stage take US $ 9 million
  • Those who remain in the round of 16, US$ 13 million
  • Those who remain in the quarterfinals, US$ 17 million
  • The fourth place in the World Cup, Morocco, takes US $ 25 million
  • Third place, Croatia, $27 million
  • The runner-up, France, will have a sum of US$ 30 million
  • And Qatar 2022 champion Argentina will win US$42 million

Therefore, just participating in this year’s World Cup will secure the teams US$1.5 million and US$9 million if they stay in the group stage; that is, each team will have at least US$10.5 million for playing in Qatar.

Mbappé stole the show from Messi for a moment in the final 0:50

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