Didier Deschamps’s emphatic response on whether Benzema will be in the World Cup final against Argentina


Didier Deschamps He spoke at a press conference about the World Cup final that he will play tomorrow France against Argentina at the Lusail Stadium. The French coach referred to the virus that has attacked several of his players and he could not miss the question about Karim Benzemawho is already in optimal condition and is training normally in the Real Madrid.

This is how the table of scorers of the Qatar 2022 World Cup goes

The latest reports on the virus

“The players were sleeping when I left, so I don’t have the latest information. We try to get by as best we can, calmly. Today there will be data. I will have them tonight. It is a topic that interests you, I understand. We try to take all possible precautions, adapt and face it, without going too far.

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”There are imponderables, situations to which you have to adapt. We did everything possible to arrive in good shape for tomorrow’s game against Argentina. They also had to face certain situations. The fact that they lost the first game against Saudi Arabia… I have no worries or stress. The important thing in preparing for a match like this is to remain calm.”

Didier Deschamps's emphatic response on whether Benzema will be in the World Cup final against Argentina

It will be a very special final

”In a World Cup final, there is the game, but also the context, which is special. But I know that the Argentines, and maybe also some French people, would also like to see Messi win the title.”

Can Benzema rejoin?

”Does foreign journalists spread the word to ask about him? If he doesn’t answer, you’ll say I’m angry. I have players who were injured before. Karim is one of them. The last to be injured was Lucas Hernández. Since then, I have 24 players to manage. Posing the question about these players is, to say the least, a bit awkward. The group is here. I’m not worried about invitations from players or ex-players. I don’t even take care of the injured footballers. We had a group at the beginning and because of what happened… We lost three of them, with Nkunku at the beginning. They were part of the beginning of the adventure. Tomorrow we will be 24”.

Didier Deschamps's emphatic response on whether Benzema will be in the World Cup final against Argentina


”Seven players from 2018 are still here. It’s really not the same team. I’m not going to compare, it doesn’t make sense. That was in the round of 16. But the six games played, with different players, different systems, that’s useful. We have three observers who have seen all of their matches. This allows us to have accurate information. Argentina can do something different tomorrow, but so can we. Morocco, in the semifinals, started with a defense of five. They hadn’t done it before. You have to be prepared for any situation.”

World Champion with France does not care to see Messi winning in Qatar

The atmosphere at the end

”This Argentine team has very strong popular support. This is so in all competitions. In the stadium tomorrow, although there will be French fans, the majority will be from Argentina. I expect a festive atmosphere. The Argentine people are passionate. They fully support their team. It’s good that there’s so much atmosphere for a match like this. It’s an end. Afterwards, our adversaries are not in the stands, but on the field. One of the two teams will have a third star on their shirt after tomorrow’s game.”

Mbappe’s state

”When he has to talk, he talks. He has spoken at times. Kylian needs peace, serenity. He is focused on the pitch, on what he has to do on the pitch. He is in an excellent state of mind. I do not wish to disturb the peace of mind of him.

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