Chiquis Rivera raises the temperature with a risky red latex look

One of the celebrities who always gives a lot to talk about is Chiquis Riverawho either with their songs or scandals monopolizes all the reflectors, but it is not the only thing that can be talked about when naming her and that is that, like a long list of celebrities, she has become a fashion icon. On more than one occasion the beautiful singer has shown that her style is unique and that she stands out for being ideal for women with many curves and in her last appearance she captivated with a risky red latex look.

Through her official Instagram account, Jenni Rivera’s daughter caused a sensation by showing off a impact figure and with many curves, because she looked like never before with a fitted look that combines pants, corset and gloves, three perfect garments to highlight the figure and raise the temperature. Of course, an outfit like this and having chosen the “Christmas red” color that has been a trend in recent days, Chiquis received hundreds of compliments from her fans.

This isn’t the first time he’s stolen all the spotlights. (Photo: IG @chiquis)

Chiquis Rivera imposes fashion with her riskiest bet

The captivating look with which the famous raised the temperature was on the occasion of her participation in the 2022 Telethon for which she did not hesitate to impose her style for her iconic presentation. For this she wore a tight red latex pants, perfect to steal all eyes by highlighting some impact legs, plus the high shot of the design was magnificent to highlight a mini waist like that of the interpreter and thereby demonstrate why her silhouette is one of the most envied.

With his fashionable chair, chiquis She also wore a long-sleeved round neck blouse with which she joined the trend of the season: transparencies; however, she did it in her style and away from what has been seen by not letting her figure fully show through the fabric, instead adding a corset with which he further highlighted his curvaceous figure. The corset stands out for a sweetheart neckline, as well as being very tight on the torso to highlight its attributes.

So surprised on the net. (Photo: IG @chiquis)

And since a good look is never complete without accessories, this time the singer wore tall gloves, also made of latex To match the pants, a pair of red high-heeled boots with rhinestones and striking earrings with which she maintained a monochrome outfit with which she was filled with compliments.

“You look very good”, “that outfit”, “beautiful”, “how can you be so beautiful”, “beautiful woman”, “she is beautiful”, “every day more beautiful” and “divine as always” are some of the comments that his more than five million followers took the opportunity to say.


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