Ash and Pikachu say goodbye to PokémonHalftime

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Ash Ketchum He managed to become a Pokémon master after 25 years and in 2023 it will be his goodbye and that of Pikachu as the protagonists of the anime, according to the announcement of the successful franchise.

The bye bye ash will occur in the last 11 episodes of the current season, where characters like Misty, Brook and several of the fan favorites of Pokemonand it could be revealed what’s in store for both Ketchum and Pikachu.

The anime will have new protagonists called Liko and Roywho will be venturing through the Paldea region and you will find the initials sprigatito, fuecoco Y Qauxlyas well as a shiny Rayquaza.

Ash debuted in the series in 1997, when he started with Piachu and they toured all the regions of the games of Pokemonwhen he was looking for his dream of being the best pokemon trainer in the world.

Everything seemed to indicate that he would continue as the protagonist of the series despite the fact that he managed to be the pokemon master in the current season, as he left his champion team and ventured into a new odyssey with Pikachu and Lucariobut it will be the last one he has with old anime acquaintances.

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