WhatsApp and new features for video calls

On this occasion we will let you know the new functions for the video calls within the famous WhatsApp application, so continue reading so you don’t miss out on anything from this platform.

The fast messaging platform with more than 4 billion users around the world, we are talking about WhatsApp, not only allows you to send posts text or share multimedia files, it also gives you the possibility to publish statuses, make calls or video calls.

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However, this last tool has undergone constant modifications during the course of 2022.

After a recent upgrade of the aforementioned service, it was possible to know the arrival of two new functions for video calls.

It should be noted that in recent months the function of inviting your contacts to a WhatsApp video call was deployed through a link.

The same one that they can share with other people so that they also join, likewise, video calls were encrypted, which means that only you and the participants will be able to see and hear everything they talk about, not even the application will access said information.


Now the number of participants in a WhatsApp video call has quadrupled, since its limit was a maximum of 8 users, from now on 32 people will enter (including you).

On the other hand, when you click for a few seconds on the image of any of the members of a video call, some options will be displayed at the bottom for you to deactivate the audio or camera of a participant.

Likewise, the “Message” icon will appear so that you can speak to that person separately without leaving the meeting.

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