Wado de Pedro participated in the inauguration of a nuclear medicine center in Formosa and a meeting with young militants

The Minister of the Interior, Wado de Pedro, visited the province of Formosa, where together with Governor Gildo Insfrán; and the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation (MINCyT), Daniel Filmus, accompanied President Alberto Fernández yesterday at the inauguration of the “President Néstor Kirchner” Center for Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy.

Likewise, the head of the Ministry of the Interior participated together with the governor in the Meeting with Youth at the Formosa Scientific, Technological and Innovation Pole where, together with more than 200 young people, they exchanged on the role of militancy in the current context of reconstruction .

“For us it is an honor to visit the province of Formosa, because we are always witnesses of the formation of an organized community,” said Wado de Pedro during the visit, which was also attended by the Undersecretary of Municipal Relations of the Ministry of the Interior, Pablo Giles; and the Undersecretary of Institutional Coordination of the MINCyT, Pablo Nuñez. To then highlight that the province is characterized by its “excellence in management, and because it has a community organized around health, work and education, where people who want to study can do so. In addition, it has a productive system in which the imprint of the governor is noticeable, who is permanently managing it”.

“Those of us who think about our country know that Argentina must continue to be federalized, and that federal Argentina has to do with equal opportunities throughout the territory, so that each Argentine can live, develop and be happy in the province where they were born, and is This situation can occur if each province has jobs, infrastructure and quality of life,” de Pedro added, to then emphasize the joint work between the province of Formosa and the Ministry of the Interior, “because there is a unity of conception, the same vision of Argentina, a humanist conception of politics and management, since we understand that the center of public policies and decisions must always be the person”.

When asked about the three years of management of the national government, Wado de Pedro defined that it was a period “of great effort, in which we went through an economic crisis as a result of the pandemic, and then a war”, despite what which could “recover the industry, and promote increases in installed capacity”, generating “more work and more works”.

But the minister also called for “reflecting on the level of awareness that we must have when defining the vote”, since “the damage caused by the Cambiemos management, making us return to the IMF, leaving us with a debt of more than 100,000 million dollars, and having fled more than 84 billion dollars, our conscience must be awakened so that there will never again be a government that mortgages the future of the next generations”.

The minister pointed out that during these three years in office “we took resources from financial speculation and put them in schools, gardens, hospitals, factories, industrial promotion,” while acknowledging “that there is tension with power purchasing power of the people, that there are concentrated sectors that continue to earn much more and the pocket of our people is skinny”.

Faced with this situation, he indicated, “we are fighting for that, and our internal discussions have to do with this point. We want people to reach it. Our Government is committed to them, and we will continue to make efforts inside and outside the Government so that the Argentine people can eat, be happy, project and dream of a much better life.”

For his part, Gildo Insfrán was satisfied with the inauguration of the highly complex nuclear medicine center, and pointed out that “God will now also attend to Formosa.” Regarding the electoral panorama for next year, in line with Wado de Pedro, he emphasized the need to “arm the unity front so as not to fall back into the clutches of this liberalism that we had for four years, and that now threatens to return to the Government ”. “The Argentine people are aware of this, and we are going to do everything possible to use the marshal’s baton that each one carries, with the aim of leading the national and popular movement to victory,” concluded Insfrán.

Later, during the Youth Meeting, Wado de Pedro -together with Gildo Insfrán- rescued the value of militancy by pointing out that “it is the best definition for a political cadre”.

“I consider myself a militant civil servant. I always think and always act with the same logic, with that of the militancy, which is that love for the people, that commitment and that blood that always moves us to think about the ideas and values ​​that we Peronists have”, sentenced the Minister of the Interior, and made a call to “military with the heart to turn those consciences full of hate, because we are going to win in 2023 with a national, democratic and inclusive project.”

And addressing the young people present, he said: “You will be the militancy that will go out neighborhood by neighborhood, school by school, university by university, and those who intervene in social networks: in every corner we will give the discussion and continue governing in 2023 to continue fighting for that dream of a just, free, sovereign, democratic and inclusive homeland, and we are going to do it for Juan Domingo Perón, for compañera Eva, for Néstor and Cristina”.

“You, the young men and women, will be the ones who must dream of the Argentina of the future, who are going to plan, transform and build it,” de Pedro added to more than 200 young people, whom he invited to “take the best experiences throughout and throughout our history to build a fair, free, sovereign, democratic, inclusive and federal Argentina”.

“A provincial and country project cannot be carried out if there is no militancy, if there is no such contact, such listening, this permanent and essential link with our people,” said the Minister of the Interior, to conclude by inviting all present to “take the best political traditions, the best experiences, because to transform the province and Argentina we must never forget to be militants.”

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