“I’m the first to put it on a pitch”

Record of Lionel Messi as part of the Newell's Old Boy team on display at the Museo del Deporte in Rosario, Argentina.  ”(AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko)

Registration of Lionel Messi as part of the Newell’s Old Boy team exhibited at the Museo del Deporte in Rosario, Argentina. ”(AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko)

ANDthe argentinian star will play his second world Cup since he became a professional player. The first, in Brazil 2014he lost it to Germany and the sadness for the Argentine fans was beyond repair. This time, in Qatar 2022 the Albiceleste will face France in the decisive match. Today everything is glory for Lionel Messi: fame, money and reputation, the South American has plenty. But not everything was like that from the beginning and his first DT he remembers it with emotion.

Messi was not always the best of his generation; even many they did not give a peso for him. Their small statureless than that of his peers, as well as his cthin buildThey did not reflect what the child had on his feet. More than fifteen years ago he appeared in the world Salvador Apariciotechnical director of inferior forces of Newell’s and first coach of Leo.

With visible features of longevity and notable gray hair in his hair due to the passage of time, aparicio was interviewed by Part of Game TV to testify about Messi and its early years as a player The DT remembers it with emotion: “He was little. He was kicking a ball and I was missing one; I asked the mother if she would lend it to me. The mother told me that the baby did not know anything, that I had never played but that didn’t matter to meI wanted it to make a bulge “he asserted.

Just a few plays later, Salvador Aparicio He realized what was in front of his eyes. “She watched the ball pass and didn’t even move. Then, in another play, the ball fell to his left leg. He came out dribbling everyone he had in his way. Then I never took it out again ”, the trainer continued narrating.

And if that was not enough, Messi He already gave notions of his goal-scoring hunger. “I scored six or seven per game”. And it was at that moment, that aparicio he was moved just to remember it. “When I see it I get excited, I start to cry. I didn’t find out I am the first to put it on a court”, recounted Salvador. the viewfinder died in 2008when Messi He emerged as a world figure.

It must be remembered that the career of Messi started in Newell’s only at a very young age. His parents promoted him to River Platebut the millionaires they did not want to pay for his treatment that he intended to inject growth hormones. So that Jorge Messifather of Leopromoted it with directors of the FC Barcelona And the rest is history.


The impressive cry of all Buenos Aires with the first goal of Argentina; heard in china

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