Gignac sees his son as a solution for the Mexican National Team in 2034.

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André-Pierre Gignac has at home a solution to the ills that afflicts The Mexican Futbol selectionalthough he advanced that we will have to wait until at least 2034 so that it can be given to see it fully.

According to the Tigres attacker, hopes will have to be placed in Eden Gigac, today a budding player who was born in Mexico in August 2015 and that it could put all its capacity at the service of a country that for years has not boasted a high-quality artilleryman.

“I would wait for 2034 (the World Cup), an attacker named Eden Gignac will come and he will help them a lot“, launched Gignac after being questioned in Fox Sports What would you do to change the trajectory of Mexican soccer?

“He is Mexican, he is Mexican and he is left-handed”complemented what is considered one of the best forwards that have come to Mexican soccer, prior to pointing out that clearly would be “your representative”.

After his words, the panelists joked that I wish your contribution could be greater and even Alberto Lati managed to comment that “some triates were organized”.

Gignac, Mexican by adoption and committed

Eden Gignacas the player pointed out, was born in Mexico, but also his mother, Deborah Gigacand the killer himself decided to become naturalized Mexicans, given the gratitude to the country and especially to the entity of Nuevo León.

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