Eugenio Derbez does not believe that Victoria Ruffo should be first lady and sends her a message about her age

Eugenio Derbez / Agencia México

Eugenio Derbez / Mexico Agency

Eugenio Derbez traveled to Mexico with Alessandra Rosaldo, his youngest daughter Aitana, as well as Fiona, his pet, to spend the December holidays in the Aztec capital.

During his meeting with the press at the airport, the actor confessed that he continues to recover from his health, answered directly if Vadhir threw him away and spoke about the good wishes for his recovery that his ex Victoria Ruffo sent him.

“I had an appointment with the doctor, with whom he operated on me and he already told me that I am doing very well, it is a long recovery because I still cannot do many things, I cannot raise my arm, I cannot hold my head well, but it will take from 6 months to 1 year a full recovery”, he explained about his health.

Eugenio Derbez / Cortesía

Eugenio Derbez / Courtesy

Later, Eugenio recounted how bad he had when he found out about the seriousness of his injury.

“Yes, it gave me a total depression because many things go through your head when they tell you that you are not going to recover the movement you had before and I thought that I could lose my arm because they were going to put me on a shoulder replacement. It scared me because my shoulder was broken into 17 pieces, but I’m fine now, my spirits are fine, my arm is fine, and I’m fine with everything, ”she declared.

But upon hearing the questions regarding whether it was true that his son Vadhir injured him by throwing him away, the producer replied with a big smile: “No, no, now… in fact we already had a sketch prepared, but my son had to leave to work”.

Immediately afterwards, the comedian was questioned about the concern that Victoria Ruffo expressed when she found out about her health problem, for which she immediately said: “I read that she had sent me good vibes, good wishes, and I am very grateful for that, so today I will say a prayer for her back… Then she said that I was old, I just wanted to remind her that she is older than me, so…”.

And although he did not rule out a possibility of reconciliation with the mother of his son José Eduardo, Eugenio expressed his refusal to the idea that the soap opera protagonist could become the first lady of Mexico.

“No, then the actresses are not good first ladies, I say no, better not,” explained the actor about his refusal to this possibility.

Finally, Eugenio Derbez ruled out that the filmmaker Guillermo del Toro has spoken out against his work in the seventh art.

“What he said was something else, he said ‘stop bothering me with Derbez and Chaparro and learn why there is another type of cinema, besides that of Derbez and Chaparro, all the great directors currently, who are going to festivals, no nothing more than Derbez and Chaparro, that was what he wanted to say, at no time did he attack us, I am a very good friend of his,” he concluded.


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