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The meeting where Argentina achieved their pass to the Final of the World Cup in Qatar 2022 against Croatia he has given away endless moving images, as the Argentines feel close to their third world title.

However, none surpasses that of an elderly person from the Paraná region, who came up with an ingenious idea so as not to miss the Semifinal game.

Carlos Bejar, an 82-year-old fan of the Albiceleste, took a chair from his house and it was placed on the television displays of a department store that broadcast the match against the Croats.

A netizen noticed and captured the image, uploading it to Twitter, requesting someone who could help him have his own television.

However, the fan pointed out that he did it out of cabal and for the tranquility that the street offered him: “It’s my cabal. She wanted to see him quiet because she had seen games in a bar before, but they were very noisy.

Happy with your gift

It’s already a tradition

Carlos Bejar pointed out that he also saw the duel against the Netherlands on the store’s televisions and always told his son that he was doing it, so they recommended that he bring a chair, because he has a hip prosthesis.

“I told my son that I was going to watch the games in front of those monstrous televisions and since I have a hip replacement, he told me to bring something to sit down and be comfortable, so I put everything together and went there,” he commented.

They gave him a Smart TV

After the images of the Albiceleste fan watching the game in the street went viral, heI gave youThe store owners decided to give him a Smart TV, so you can enjoy the Grand Final against France next Sunday.

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