Zlatan Ibrahimovic made a suggestive prediction about who will win the World Cup: “It’s already written”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic made statements about how he saw this World Cup

Zlatan Ibrahimovic made statements about how he saw this World Cup – Credits: @TIZIANA FABI

It’s known that Zlatan Ibrahimovic He is not in the habit of keeping any opinion to himself and is usually as frontal as he is brutally honest when it comes to declaring. The 41-year-old forward missed the last chance to play a World Cup after the Swedish national team lost in the playoffs against Poland, in a match in which he was a substitute and entered late on. For this reason, he lives the contest from a distance and did not deprive himself of his opinion on what he has seen and what the decisive match will bring, next Sunday, from 12 o’clock in our country, between Argentina and France.

In the last hours, the attacker spoke about the World Cup and left a suggestive phrase as a prediction of what will happen in the definition. “I think it is already written who will winAnd you know who I mean. I believe that Messi he will lift the trophy, it’s already written,” Zlatan told media in Dubai.

The man who went through Juventus, Inter, Barcelona and PSG, among other clubs, described France as “a strong team”, but assured that Messi’s triumph is “inevitable”.

Other times: Zlatan smiling with Messi

Other times: Zlatan smiling with Messi, during a Barcelona training session

He did not rule this time on kylian mbappe, who a few weeks ago had strongly criticized for the decision of the French figure not to accept going to Real Madrid and staying at PSG. “I don’t know Mbappé very well as a person. As a player he is fantastic. But when you lose discipline you lose your identity. There’s a reason Zidane is Zidane. Does Mbappé want to imitate him? That he begins to want to progress. Not being satisfied ”, he affirmed to Canal + in France.

Cristiano and his departure from Manchester

Another of the issues that the Milan attacker referred to It is the controversial departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United after the Portuguese footballer criticized the club and the coach, the Dutchman Erik Ten Hag. “Of his departure from United, we will never know the true story. They say what they mean, he says what he needs to say to protect himself, then you have the coach saying these things to protect himself. So the club says things, not like me, which will tell you how it really happened. But we are all different. Everyone takes care of their image. For me, the perfect image is to be yourself. We will not know the true story ”, shot Zlatan.


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