Was he injured? Gvardiol’s reaction to the play in which he made a fool of himself against Messi in the World Cup


Josko Gvardiol will be the best young defender at the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The Croatian had a great tournament until Messi humiliated him in the semifinals of the tournament.

The Argentine remembered his good moments and left the defender portrayed. Leo faced and surpassed him up to two times to assist Julián Álvarez.

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Gvardiol showed his face and commented on the play, he did not hesitate to praise Messi, assuring that he is the best “footballer in history”.

“He had played against Messi, but he is a completely different player when he plays for the national team,” said the Croatian defender.

“But there is no player who does not make mistakes, especially in the defensive position. Mistakes are an intrinsic part of the sport and there will surely be more. I will try to make them as few as possible, ”he added.

The 20-year-old RB Leipzig defender said it would be “good for him to receive recognition for the best young player” at the World Cup, “but it would be even better to go home with a medal” if they finish third against Morocco on Saturday.

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Gvardiol, who played against the Argentine side with a foot infiltrated, explained that he is feeling better now. “We still have two days to work and I’m sure I’ll be in condition,” he said.

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