The astrologer who guessed who would be the finalists of the Qatar 2022 World Cup

Since the Qatar 2022 World Cup began, Mhoni Seer predicted some of the results that have so far been fulfilled. The astrologer took her letters to find out what fate would bring to the 32 teams that were playing the World Cup and she told everything on her social networks. Now that the final is just around the corner, it became clear that the tarot reader’s prediction came true once again.

At the start of the round of 16 phase, the Cuban mentioned that there were three teams that would reach the peak stage to compete for the cup: Brazil, Argentina and France. “They are my candidates to win. Those teams are definitely still shining,” she declared in a YouTube channel video of hers. For her they were not only the favourites, but also the ones with the most potential to reach the final.

This December 18 the fans will enjoy the last duel, the most important match of FIFA. The most surprising thing is that both the Argentine and French national teams are among the two teams that will play. After France’s 2-0 win over Morocco, the fortune teller hit 100 percent on all the predictions she made about Qatar 2022.

Other predictions about Qatar 2022

The predictive specialist made other projections regarding the international sporting event, even before it started. Among the first things she mentioned was the resounding failure of the Mexican team. “How is Mexico going to go? Well, I see it wrong. That’s not a prediction, it’s a fact. That they do not believe it, that they do not put all their interest in getting ahead, ”she had also said on her YouTube channel.

In addition, he had glimpsed the departure of Gerardo Martino, technical director of the tricolor team. “The Mexican fans fully support them, they are there through thick and thin. Unfortunately, the coach is not interested in moving Mexico forward. And I see a renewal of that position, with another name.

The two predictions came true: the Mexicans returned to their country without even having passed the group stage. They were left without the fourth game, something that did not happen 40 years ago. On the other hand, Tata Martino left the team’s technical direction after the match against Saudi Arabia. “I am responsible for this failure… My contract ended when the referee whistled the end of the game and there is nothing else to do,” he declared at a press conference after the elimination.

Argentina, in the final

Lionel Messi and Julián Álvarez gave their fans the most dreamed of moment by all fans on the planet: their team reaching the World Cup final. With three goals against Croatia, the team led by the man from Rosario achieved the pass to the most important day of this competition. Now, the albiceleste will have to face their rival next Sunday, Kylian Mbappé’s team.


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