Mexican apologizes to Antonella Rocuzzo, Messi’s wife, for criticizing the soccer player

Messi's wife was intercepted by a Mexican who asked her  apologies for criticizing him (Photo by: Stefan Matzke - sampics/Corbis via Getty Images)

Messi’s wife was intercepted by a Mexican who apologized for criticizing him (Photo by: Stefan Matzke – sampics/Corbis via Getty Images)

The theme of Lionel Messi in Mexico is a story of chiaroscuro. While some repudiated him for facing him in Qatar 2022, others idolize him and hope that he can win the World Cup. Things are the same as every four years with Mexican fans, they like to point out the footballer who did them the most damage in the World Cup. In 2006 the public enemy was Maxi Rodríguez; in 2010 it was Carlos Tevez, in Brazil 2014 it was Arjen Robben and in 2018 it was Neymar. Now, Messi was the designated one.

Now, a Mexican fan ran into a shopping center with Antonella Roccuzzo, the footballer’s wife. The fan kept a certain distance from Argentina so as not to bother her and at first asked her to send greetings to Mexico and, in the face of Antonella’s ignorance, the fan closed the video of him saying: “We want to apologize for Messi, which is not true (kick the Mexico shirt)”.

Beyond football, the albiceleste striker was pointed out for allegedly kicking a shirt from the Mexican team that he had exchanged at the end of the group stage duel. When that action went viral and gave rise to several messages against him, Saul Cinnamon alvarez He came out more turned on than in one of his fights to insult everyone who sided with Messi. With a unique “patriotism”, Canelo created a whole cheap controversy around the facts, which Andrés Guardado later came out to put an end to and clarify everything.

After all the embarrassing circus put on by the Mexican boxer, the deputy Mary Clement He mentioned that he had sent the Chamber a proposal to declare Lionel Messi persona non grata for his “manifest contempt” towards Mexico. However, after this proposal made headlines, there was no further notification of its approval.


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