Memo Ochoa has a time limit: Tano OrtizHalftime

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In America recognize that there Total confidence in the continuity of Guillermo Ochoa as the club’s goalkeeper. Fernando Ortiz highlighted that he has spoken with the goalkeeper to whom he made it clear that has the necessary time to think about it, but with a limit to act in case there is a negativity on the part of the Mexican team.

I know it’s closeOn Saturday we will meet with them again and we will have better information. Memo knows that I count on him in sports. You have to give him his time, but he has a time limit because I must go planning my plan b. Óscar Jiménez could be my plan b, but we wait for Memo”.

Despite the fact that in the previous days it was announced that goalkeeper contract extension It was practically a fact the Eagles still haven’t made it official.

Regarding tonight’s game, at the start for the Eagles in the Cup for Mexico, the strategist from Coapa He was satisfied with the performance of his players after returning from the preseason on the beach and immediately having action on the field with this tournament.

Happy, I had no injuries and that is the maximum happiness at this moment when we are in full preseason. They couldn’t play a 90-minute game because of the load they brought from these days”.

Notably Luis Fuentes is in recovery and his incorporation is expected next Monday after suffering a fissure in one leg at the end of last season. Tomorrow Friday will be rest for the players and The national teams will arrive on Saturday who participated in the Qatar 2022 World Cup: Henry Martin, Néstor Araujo and Guillermo Ochoa to define their situation with the team.

The Tano team debuted in the Cup for Mexico with an electrifying tie to three goals with Necaxa.

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