La Peliteñida from “Ugly Betty” turns on the net at 52 years old in a sequined micro dress

I am Betty the Ugly one” It continues to be one of the most beloved soap operas in the world, and among its unforgettable characters is “the hairy“, played by actress Lorna Cepedawho despite time is still valid on the networks and is well remembered and loved by fans of melodrama, whom she captivates with her publications, as she did with her last post on instagram in which he showed off her 52 years in a sequined micro dress what turned on the platform.

The melodrama, starring Ana María Orozco (Beatriz Pinzón) and Jorge Enrique Abello (Armando Mendoza) was broadcast from October 1999 to May 2001, and thanks to its broadcasts on platforms such as Netflix, it continued to gain popularity among the new generations, which is why which Cepeda He has kept in touch with his fans through his official accounts, mainly the Meta platform, where he has 2.6 million fans.

Lorna Cepeda shines in a flirty sequined dress

Cepedawhich is also known in the Colombian artistic environment as Lorna Peaceis an actress who has won the affection of the public with her charisma, and has become a content creator, since she constantly shares videos fun with which he shows his great talent, on platforms such as Instagram and TikTokin which he also publishes photographs with which he falls in love with his millions of followers.

The actress who gave life to “the hairy“, as the character of Patricia Fernandezshared in his official account of the Meta platform, a clip in which he is seen showing his best dance steps and wore a flirty and very chic outfit, as he wore a micro dress blazer style that stands out for its manufacture in cotton fabric. sequinswhich made her shine.

“A happy moment! I (love) you @monischmidt @manolocarus @jdrmorelli13,” he wrote. Cepeda to accompany the clip in which he appears with three friends, inside an elevator, and dancing to the rhythm of the song “CUFF IT” by Beyoncé, a song that has become a favorite of many celebrities to pamper their audience with their hip movements, as the Colombian did in her look full of shine.

Lorna conquers her millions of fans on social networks. Photo: IG @lornacepeda

The actress, who turned 52 on November 18, and who won with her role as Patricia Fernandezhas 3 children, and was married until 2003. Although she has not talked much about her new relationship, it is known that she has been formally dating a businessman since September 2020, with whom she has in fact traveled to Mexico on several occasions to enjoy from the beaches of Baja California.

Wearing a flirty look, with which she gave fashion lessons for those over 50, the actress made it clear that age is just a number, and that she continues to display the beauty and style that made her stand out in the late 90s with her character in the popular melodrama, as she has also shown on other occasions with her modern beach looks, such as her swimsuits and bikinis, with which she shows off her great body.

The beautiful actress boasts a great body at over 50 years of age. Photo: IG @lornacepeda


La Peliteñida from “I am Betty, the Ugly” captivates her 51-year-old in a red bathing suit

Ugly Betty: “La Peliteñida” dazzles dancing and boasts a perfect silhouette at 51 years of age | VIDEO

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