Crawford speaks after signing Correa de Gigantes

San Francisco Giants surprised everyone by signing Carlos Correa to a $350 million super contract for the next 13 seasons, being the largest in franchise history. However, although it is a daring move and with a view to improving the roster, the main affected for the move is the latest icon of the franchise, Brandon Crawford.

Crawford has played exclusively shortstop his entire career, but despite his status as the team’s great veteran, his place in the SS is at risk and he spoke to The Athletic’s Andrew Baggarly via text, where he admits that for He is considering playing another position for the first time to make room for the brand new signing.

With the signing of a player as good as Carlos, without a doubt our team improves. He’s been one of the best in the league for years and obviously excited to have someone of his caliber in SF. With that being said, he’s a shortstop and since signing him the other day, I’ve been told that’s the position he’ll be in, so that puts me in a much different situation than anyone I’ve faced in my professional career. .

Susan Slusser of The San Francisco Chronicle had reported after Correa’s signing that Crawford would play third base, a position that is free after the departure of Evan Longoria in free agency, in addition to the fact that he could occupy the designated position occasionally, since in The roster also includes infield utilities such as Thairo Estrada or Wilmer Flores.

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