Chivas: El Rebaño returns to the Jalisco Stadium

One of the most symbolic and nostalgic moments in the modern history of soccer from Guadalajara is about to take place this Friday.

The above will be possible thanks to the fact that this Friday the return of Chivas to the field of Jalisco Stadiumproperty where the Herd forged a large part of its centenary and award-winning history and in which it will now collide with Mazatlan as part of the Sky Cup.

It will be on the dot 9:00 p.m.time in the center of the country, when the initial whistle is blown in this duel between rojiblancos and sinaloensesteams that continue in their preparation with a view to the Closing 2023 of the MX League.

Guadalajara will come to this match with the international background of having played a couple of duels in the old continent, since last week the Flock was measured against the Getafe and Athletic Bilbao in Spanish territory.

In those two matches, Chivas achieved a victory and suffered a setback, because while they managed to win by the minimum against the Azulón team, later fell 2-0 against the Basque team.

It will be until January 7th when Chivas debut in the League within the Sultana of the Norththe place where the rojiblancos will clash against Rayados de Monterrey as part of day number one of this new semester of Mexican soccer.



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