While Joserra reveals his tricks, Modric uncovers the disaster that is Qatar 2022

Jose Ramon Fernandez / Modric
Jose Ramon Fernandez / Modric


The match between the Argentina national team and Croatia left us a magnificent demonstration of Lionel Messi. The Argentine 10 is having a dream World Cup, so everything indicates that his legacy is eagerly asking for one of the titles that immortalizes the career of a true soccer legend: the World Cup.

However, in instances as complicated as the final phase, the Argentine team was involved in another controversy over the penalty that opened the scoring in favor of the Albiceleste. Something that for many was not a penalty, since they considered that the Croatian goalkeeper went for the ball and due to the same inertia of the play ended up colliding with Julián Álvarez.

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In the meantime Jose Ramon Fernandez, an ESPN journalist, reveals that there are fixes within the World Cup. Since in the match between the United States and England he presumes that there was an agreement to tie and thus benefit the qualifying of both teams. This precedent has been a reference for detractors of Messi to justify that the tournament would seek to fix it so that the 10th has a World Cup.

What does Modric think?

For Luka Modric the game was a total disaster in terms of refereeing and he lashed out at Daniele Orsato: “It’s a key moment in the game, he doesn’t give us a corner or a penalty, which wasn’t it for me, because he shoots and collides with our goalkeeper . I can’t believe he took that penalty. That changes the game”, commented the Croatian number 10.

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