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An alert has been issued in the last hours in Bogotá by the Ministry of Health due to the multiple cases of intoxication with adulterated liquors that have been registered in the city during the first days of December. Even seven people have lost their lives for this reason.

As indicated by the health authorities, the cases would be related to a specific liquor: Rey de Reyes. Apparently, this drink contains high degrees of methanol, a chemical component that is not suitable for human consumption.

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Respiratory difficulty, respiratory arrest and blindness are some symptoms.

Note that methanol poisoning is rare and often fatal, so a poisoned person needs immediate medical attention. This article is for informational purposes only, not a guide for handling a poisoned patient. It is recommended that a real case be consulted with the Emergency services.

The Methanol is commonly used for industrial and automotive purposes. in products such as antifreeze, paint thinners, varnish, fuel additives, crazy gum, among others.

Just two tablespoons (30 ml) of this chemical can be deadly to a child. For an adult, between 60 and 240 ml can be deadly. One of the most common consequences suffered by those who survive methanol poisoning is blindness, in addition to permanent damage to various organs.

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Symptoms of methanol poisoning

According to the specialized health portal MedlinePlus, the symptoms can be: respiratory distress, respiratory arrest, complete or partial blindness, blurred vision, pupil dilation, low blood pressure, agitated behavior, coma, confusion, difficulty walking, dizziness, pain head, epileptic seizure.

Others symptoms related to methanol poisoning are bluish lips and nails, severe abdominal pain, diarrhea, liver function problems such as yellow skin and bleeding, nausea, pacreatitis, vomiting, fatigue, leg cramps, and weakness.

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To do

Must seek immediate medical attention if you think you are suffering from methanol poisoning after consuming adulterated liquor. If you call an emergency service, it is recommended that you have the following information on hand for the intoxicated person: age, weight, condition of the person, name of the product consumed, time it was ingested, and amount consumed.

If you do not have that information available at the time of the emergency, do not delay help for that reason.

Another of the recommendations of the specialists is not to cause vomiting in the intoxicated person, unless so directed by a doctor.

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