Until what time can I pay for my Amazon purchases in an Oxxo?

in this season of Christmas it is very common for people buy gifts through the online trading platformsfor instance, Amazon. One of the main advantages of buying through this means is avoiding long lines at department stores.

Purchases on Amazon can be made by paying with a Credit or debit cardif in your case you do not have any, they also have the option of make your payment in cash at an Oxxo store. Below we explain a little more about the entire process, including the time and period you have to make the deposittake note.

Until what time can I pay for my Amazon purchases in an Oxxo? Photo: Reformation

Amazon: until what time can I pay in Oxxo

If you prefer to pay for your Amazon order in cash, you will have to do it at an Oxxo store. When you complete your purchase on the page, you will receive a barcode that you must use within 2 days so that your purchase can be finalized.

The next step is to go to any Oxxo store, from 8 in the morning to 10 at night, and show the cashier the barcode so that she can charge you for your order.

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One of the advantages is that the payment through Oxxo is reflected immediately on the Amazon platform, which means that your order will not have delays in the delivery date for this reason.

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Similarly, Amazon Cash gift cards are available in Oxxo stores, which can be used to pay for purchases on Amazon without having to go to an establishment to complete the payment.

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