The meat livestock sector creates a unique seal to certify its commitment to animal welfare

The Spanish livestock-meat sector represented by its six interprofessional organizations has presented the common seal ‘B+ Animal Welfare Commitment’, which includes in a unified image all the meats and products certified by the different certification systems implemented in a coordinated manner by each sector.

The Government of Page celebrates that the Castilian-Lamancha model can unblock the Animal Welfare Law

The Government of Page celebrates that the Castilian-Lamancha model can unblock the Animal Welfare Law


According to these interprofessionals, this is an initiative that will make it easier for consumers to identify, through a single seal, all products certified with these certification schemes for the white layer pig, Iberian pig, rabbit meat, and sheep sectors. -goat, beef and poultry meat, and to offer distribution companies and specialized distribution companies greater ease in managing their animal welfare requirements for their suppliers and customers.

The common seal ‘B+ Animal Welfare Commitment’ strictly guarantees the products of the operators that have been certified through the Technical Procedures and Regulations of the respective ‘Animal Welfare Commitment’ certification schemes, developed by the six Interprofessionals based on the criteria and elements established by ENAC (the National Accreditation Entity), to obtain its accreditable certification recognition and aligns with the ‘Farm to Fork’ strategy and the Green Deal of the European Union, and therefore also commits to sustainability, quality and food safety.

Behind this new common seal there are hundreds of thousands of farmers and workers in the sector who work “every day to transmit to the consumer and to the distribution all the criteria of welfare and ethical production that are applied in the good care of the animals and in the attention to the demands received from society in this important aspect of food production”, point out the organizations involved.

The organizations that are integrated are ASICI (Interprofessional Association of the Iberian Pig), which brings together the producers and the transformation industries of Iberian products; AVIANZA (Spanish Interprofessional Association of Poultry Meat) which brings together both farms and production centers as well as cutting and processing rooms; INTERCUN (Interprofessional Organization to promote the Rabbit Sector) that integrates the representatives of the production branch and the rabbit meat transformation-commercialization companies; INTEROVIC (Interprofessional Organization for Sheep and Goat Meat), which represents the producers of this livestock branch and the industrialists and marketers who generate and distribute derived products; INTERPORC (White Coat Pig Agro-Food Interprofessional Organization), which represents all sectors of the white coat pig value chain: production, processing and marketing; and PROVACUNO (Beef Meat Interprofessional Agrifood Organization) which is made up of the main organizations of the production sector and the transformation/commercialization sector.

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