Samuel García demanded that Pope Francis not have a Tigres shirt in his showcases

The governor of the state of Nuevo León attended a visit to the Vatican and was surprised not to see the Tigres shirt that he gave to the Supreme Pontiff on display.

samuel garcia Sepúlveda unleashed the controversy on social networks for a comment addressed to Pope Francis. On his most recent visit to the Vatican, the governor went to the exhibition of the personal collections of the Supreme Pontiff and when he found himself in front of the showcase of the soccer related items claimed the absence of a Tigers jersey from the Autonomous University of Nuevo León (UANL).

Through his verified Instagram account, Governor García Sepúlveda documented an elegant piece of furniture that exhibits a series of objects related to the football teams that have had the most influence in the life of Jorge Mario Bergoglio. In this sense, the Mexican recalled the gift he gave to the leader of the Catholic Church on your previous visit and sorry it’s not on display.

Samuel García and Pope Francis in the Vatican (Cuartoscuro)
Samuel García and Pope Francis in the Vatican (Cuartoscuro)

“It is the showcase of Pope Francis’ shirts. There is the Argentine team, there is Messi, but Where is the one from Tigres that I brought last year? he pronounced while documenting the prestigious objects in the cabinet.

The small football museum is a personal collection that the Pope has received. His taste for sports is one of the most recognized traits in his personality, which is why he has a wide collection of t-shirts and sporting goods that were personalized or once owned by soccer figures and were given to him as a gesture of gratitude.

Over the years, Pope Francis has added new objects to his collection.
Over the years, Pope Francis has added new objects to his collection.

Although the collection is extensive, only a few objects were chosen to be shown to the public. At the bottom of the cabinet is an image that documented the visit of his country’s team to the Holy See. Ahead parade a series of trophies, historic and autographed balls from various periods, as well as other smaller photographs with various characters, soccer shoes and even goalkeeper gloves.

The displayed shirts are the most representative of Mario Bergoglio’s hobbies. In this sense, three belonging to the San Lorenzo de Almagro Athletic Club (CASLA), the team of his loves in his country of origin; as well as a third of the selection of Argentina, one of them with the number 10 of Lionel Messi. The other two are from the national team of Brazil and Italy.

Samuel García's love for the Tigers is such that he promised to build a new stadium during his campaign for governor (Photo: Instagram @samuelgarcias)
Samuel García’s love for the Tigers is such that he promised to build a new stadium during his campaign for governor (Photo: Instagram @samuelgarcias)

A year before making the claim to the Supreme Pontiff, Samuel García Sepúlveda paid a visit to the Vatican. Thus, on November 3, 2021, he planned a meeting with Pope Francis and He brought a couple of team jerseys with him.then directed by Miguel Piojo Herrera, and one of the Monterrey Rayados as a symbol of representation of the Mexican entity that governs.

Through his official social networks, he uploaded a series of videos before the delivery, which he used to provide more details about the gift. And it is that to make it more significant he managed to Nahuel Guzman and Guido Pizarrothe two Argentines from the San Nicolás de los Garza campus, stamp their signature in one of the two garments.

Despite the claim, García Sepúlveda is not the only character who has given a Nuevo León team shirt to Pope Francis. In November 2021, the Rayados footballer, Rodolfo Pizarrowent to visit Italy and had the opportunity to give his shirt to the Argentine priest.


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