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The holidays are approaching and anxiety stings us. There are times when the will plays a fundamental role to sustain what we have achieved throughout the year, so as not to go further chronologically. Carrying out physical activity, establishing routines to favor the change of habits and, at the same time, maintaining the objectives, is essential to be healthy. By the Lic. in Kinesiology and Physiatry Nicolás Righelato.

As a proposal to face temptations and reduce the anxiety of excessive consumption, it is essential to maintain the continuity of physical activity. Take a retrospective look at how we started the year, what our life was like at that time, with or without activity, and how it was after incorporating the exercise routine, after entering the Pios-Pec and Pios-Pec- Programs. PER. Evaluate how it feels on a physical and emotional level, as well as performance, hours of sleep, and how our lives have changed, if any changes are experienced. Thus, it is important to incorporate these variables when carrying out an evaluation and to assess them.

To go to action, after this mental review, the proposal is to do a respiratory exercise work. For example, a diaphragmatic or abdominal breathing with a ball, or a square breath to relax the thoughts. And then, carry out some exercise routine, active walk for at least 45 minutes, or carry out some scheme put together by a professional.

Brief description of breathing exercises
• Diaphragmatic or abdominal breathing with rally: This breathing, as its name implies, works with the diaphragmatic muscle (diaphragm), the main inspiratory muscle. It is the main responsible for making the muscular force so that the air enters the lungs.

Sequence: position, sitting on a chair or on the edge of a bed, with the hands resting on the thighs, or lying face up. Closed eyes. take air through the nose, slowly and gently taking it towards the abdomen (inflating the abdomen). Once the lung bases are filled with air, hold in apnea (do not release the air). Rallying, that is, compressing the abdomen by pushing the air towards the upper part of the thorax, then bringing it back to the lung bases and finally bringing it back to the vertices before releasing the air slowly and smoothly through parted lips (as if blowing). compressing the abdomen until there is no air left.

• Square breathing: This breathing stands out in the symmetrical use of breathing times. The basis of its foundation is that in this way there would be an activation of the parasympathetic system, which would participate in a level of deep mental and physical relaxation.

Sequence: Position, sitting on a chair or on the edge of a bed. With your hands resting on your thighs, or lying on your back. Closed eyes. It can also be done on a leisurely walk. Breathe in through the nose in four seconds, hold the air in apnea for another four seconds, exhale in four seconds and finally hold four seconds in apnea. Carry out this respiratory cycle for at least 10 minutes to appreciate the changes. With practice, these times can be extended in each respiratory period.

Regarding the walk, the suggestion is that it take a minimum time of 45 minutes. Considering that we are in a time of extreme heat, it is essential to hydrate well beforehand, with at least half a liter of water and carry a container with another half liter to drink during the walk. Wear light clothing and preferably light colors; a hat, if you will be exposed to the sun, and slippers and socks. In addition, attention should be paid to breathing, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. Once the walk is over, elongating the large muscle groups is essential to close the activity.

Editor’s note: Article published in the Educational Material of Icarus Centro de Salud & Longevidad, for patients of Pios-Pec and Pios-Pec PER, corresponding to December 2022, assigned for publication in AIM.

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