Ochoa vetoed it from El Tri, breaks the silence after Mexico’s elimination from the World Cup

Banned from El Tri by Guillermo Ochoa
Banned from El Tri by Guillermo Ochoa

We all know how the Mexican national team is managed, for decades it has been the same way and that is exactly what has led El Tri to fail in the way it did in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, due to mismanagement.

Now that the World Cup for Mexico is over and a new process is beginning for 2026, it seems that things will continue in the same way and there will be no major changes in the environment of the national team, but there is a player who has begun to raise your voice

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He was banned from Tri for problems with Guillermo Ochoa, now Miguel Layun He knows that he will never wear the shirt of the Mexican team again and that is why he breaks the silence about what happens in the FMF after Mexico’s elimination in the World Cup.

Miguel Layún talks about the Mexican team.

Miguel Layún talks about the Mexican team and mentions that we are late for the 2026 World Cup because, unlike the United States or Canada, we do not have a specific plan, in addition to the fact that El Tri has to work double because he does not have a Messi who is going to solve everything from one world to another.

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