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The alternative and functional medicine It is increasingly relevant today. This search aims to treat people in an integral way, looking for the origin of a pathology and attacking it in a personalized way.

six years ago came Nattuvia to the country as a natural pharmacy that distributes medicines, supplements, vitamins and natural products from laboratories.

Its creator, Laura Bermúdez, highlights: “During the time that I worked in the laboratory, I had the opportunity to travel to the headquarters in Germany, the country where homeopathic medicine was created. In addition to learning how the products are created and their mechanism of action in the body, I was able to realize that, in that country, unlike what happens in countries like Colombia, people first resort to curing themselves with natural medicine and lastly extent they resort to conventional medicine, and it is that this should be the “should be”.

For her, little by little People have been getting closer and closer to this type of medication. “Every day there are more and more studies on the side effects of conventional medicine, which, although it is necessary, there is an indiscriminate and unnecessary use that causes side effects on our health, due to COVID, people began to be more aware of the the need to prevent and the best options in medicines to prevent are those that we handle in Nattuvia”, said Bermúdez.

These types of medicines treat general health such as allergies, baby care, obesity, pain, nutrition, immune system, tiredness, fatiguestress, sleep, vitamins and flower therapy, among others.

“Alternative and functional medicine is the best option for comprehensive wellness solutions, since it cures from the cause of the disease. Conventional medicine alleviates the symptom, which then, when its effect ends, reappears”, pointed out the creator of Nattuvia.


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