Joserra reveals why Mexico sold itself so that Argentina is in the final

José Ramón Fernández reveals why they would help Argentina to reach the final
José Ramón Fernández reveals why they would help Argentina to reach the final

The world final will be played between Argentina and France amid the controversy over how the Albiceleste team has reached these instances, not only in the arbitration part, but also in the group stage when Gerardo Martino decided not to attack the Argentine goal.

The sports analyst, José Ramón Fernández, during the Futbol Picante program, acknowledged that it would seem that Gerardo Martino sold the game, since he did not want to seek a favorable result, since if Mexico at least tied with the albiceleste, this mortgaged the possibility of their classification.

More Mexican soccer news:

* Goodbye Tabó de Cruz Azul, the new 10 of the Machine at the request of Potro Gutiérrez
* Neither Valdés nor Rodríguez, the América player who surprised Ortiz against Cancún

Now with Argentina as a finalist, José Ramón Fernández believes that in some other way one of the South American teams was expected to appear in the final, since Brazil and Argentina shared the same key, but beyond this there would be an average economic interest.

Does Mexico support the 2030 World Cup in Argentina?

According to the sports analyst, Argentina and Uruguay are fighting to host the 2030 World Cup, which is why they are looking for strategic alliances, one of them precisely Concacaf, the same one that is now negotiating its return to the Copa América in order to create a power on the American continent.

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