“Is there still a debate that he is the best of all time?”

The former England striker is a recognized fan of the Argentine star for a long time.

Former English goalscoring striker and British football commentator Gary Lineker always praised the Argentinian star, Lionel Messibut today he took a bigger step after the impeccable performance of Rosario in the win that allowed the Albiceleste team to advance to the final.

And with Argentina’s consummated 3-0 against Croatia, he sentenced: “Is there still a debate? I’m asking about the GOAT.” That definition, which in English is formed with the same letters as “goat”, refers to the initials of “greatest of all time”, the best of all time.

Before that tweet, Lineker had jokingly tweeted: “I may have said this before, but Messi is pretty good.”

Leo was decisive in this Tuesday’s match, as he made the team play, opened the scoring by scoring the penalty, gave assists and held the ball when the team needed it most. A forceful and superlative work.

A “habitué” of the praises to Messi

It is not the first time that Lineker has praised Lionel Messi excessively and in 2018, in an interview with Barsa TV, he said that “he is not human” and that he considers him the “best footballer in the world”.

“He is the best player who has never put on football boots. It seems that he sees the games from above and, at the same time, he is playing them. He is not human,” he defined about the 10 from Rosario.

And he insisted: “He is a team player who does not fall for provocations.” “Deep down, he is a great example for the world of football and for all young people who play this sport,” Lineker explained.

The Englishman was the top scorer at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico and is currently a BBC commentator. Before the World Cup in Qatar, he said he knew “a couple of Premier League footballers who are homosexual” and urged them to count his choice in this World Cup to convey a message of inclusion in a macho sport.

Lineker said he knows several gay players who were one step away from publicly confessing their sexual preference, but backed off at the last minute for fear of the consequences this could have had on their professional careers.

“Let the world stop to applaud him”

The Uruguayan forward and great friend of Lionel Messi, Luis Suárez, sent a message of congratulations after the great performance that got Argentina into the World Cup final in Qatar.

Luis Suárez's message for his friend Lionel Messi.  Capture.

Luis Suárez’s message for his friend Lionel Messi. Capture.

You never get tired of showing that you are the best in the world“Wrote his former teammate at Barcelona on the Instagram social network.

The Uruguayan added: “Let the whole world stand up to applaud everything that this boy gives to football.”

Suarez, who with Uruguay was eliminated in the World Cup group stage for having fewer goals than South Korea, ended with an “Impressive, friend.”


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