César Ramos Palazuelos complies and “endures” the onslaught of the French

The Mexican referee does a good job even when the French, led by Mbappé, asked for more rigor in the fouls

Cesar Arturo Ramos Palazuelos fulfilled a discreet performance by leading the party of semifinals of the World Cup Qatar 2022 at Al Bayt Stadium.

The central judge, together with the also Mexicans Alberto Morín and Miguel Hernández, assistants, did not categorically influence the victory of the France national team 2-0 that put her in the Final of the Middle East joust where he will face Argentina.

In this arbitration analysis we will not go into technical details, for that we will rely on our fellow analyst and connoisseur Felipe Ramos Rizo.

In the minutes of play that the whistling culichi delivered justice, he did not cut the plays, he showed personality, but according to the look of Ramos Rizo perhaps he missed a yellow card or even a penalty also in favor of Moroccobut even punished him with yellow.

In the journalistic vision that we had in the stadium, Palazuelos and the French star kylian mbappe they got involved in several verbal duels for fouls that for the gala figure deserved to be marked or registered with a card.

The exchanges of words began in minute 20 due to a kick to Dembelé, who stopped mbappe It must have been yellow which made her flail.

The first well-signed warning card came just at 27 for Boufal, but from there the preventive cardboard was reserved for the rest of the game. International colleagues assure that there was a penalty in the play.

The first complaint from the entire French bench reached 37′, due to alleged fouls by Tchoumeni Y griezmann. The same thing happened at the end of the first half when the French bench got out of control, as their players considered that Cease I was letting the faults run a lot.

In the second half the tone of the claims did not change. At 47′ the central judge asked mbappe to get up, because he tried to deceive him with a non-existent penalty.

Just three minutes later, Kylian He felt a Moroccan leg again, but this time and based on a tweet from Felipe Ramos RizoYes, he should have marked a foul the same as the French demanded, without any response from the Mexican.

The same French ’10’ wanted to ‘cheat’ later Palazuelosbut on this occasion Ramos did not fall for the alleged kick that left the attacker for a few minutes psg on the ground, a play for which he also had to show the yellow card.

In general, the team that claimed the most Palazuelos It was the European, since he once again energetically claimed the 67′ yelling at him from the bench and pressing him to improve his judgements.

In the rest of the game there were no controversial plays, so he then left them on Twitter the technical analysis of Felipe Ramos Rizo.

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