Why Lalo Rodríguez refused to sing his great success “Come, devour me again” (and he even changed the lyrics)

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The reason for the death of Lalo Rodríguez is still unknown to the Puerto Rico police. His body was found in a public residence complex in the city of Carolina.

In my bed no one is like you / noor have I been able to find the woman / whatI drew my body in every corner / yesin that on a piece of skin, aY, Come / Devour me again, come, devour me again

There are probably millions of people in the world and, especially in Latin America, who have sung at the top of their lungs the verses of the famous song “Comedeat me up eitheragain”. And probably just as many people have shone on the dance floors thanks to its infectious melody.

But this musical theme, which became a salsa milestone since its premiere in 1988, when artists of the genre used to make romantic and non-erotic music, would not have achieved success if it were not for the unmistakable voice of its interpreter: the Puerto Rican Lalo Rodriguez.

Rodríguez was found dead on Tuesday, December 13, in a public residence complex in his hometown, Carolina, in northern Puerto Rico. The causes of death of the artist, who was 64 years old, are still being investigated by the island’s police.

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