From Madrid, Sofia Reyes blew up the network with an outfit with transparencies

Sofía Reyes is a young singer and actress who is known for being one of the most important artists of the moment and who destroys her music every time she has the opportunity to go on stage or release a new album. Through her account instagramdemonstrates not only her talent for singing, but she is also considered one of the most beautiful of all and she did so showing off her incredible figure from Madrid.

In this days, Sofia Reyes He is in Spain and was visiting David Broncano’s program called ‘La Resistencia’ and there he referred to the release of his new single called ‘Luna’. There, she joked with the presenter who gave her a shot of tequila, to which the singer proceeded to drink it and that before starting the interview she had to drink a little alcohol because she was somewhat nervous. In addition, she confessed that she felt jet lag, considering that in Europe there are a few more hours of difference.

As for the new single from Sofia Reyes, the 25-year-old singer expressed: “The song speaks of a very beautiful, divine love that can move a person in you and that helps you connect with yourself. It’s hard for me to explain it.” In addition to this musical theme, she released the album ‘Mal de amores’ where she makes a wide tour of all sounds.

Sofía Reyes’s post from Madrid

To make the most of your stay in Madrid, Sofia Reyes She took it upon herself to show why she is one of the prettiest young women of all, and she did so by showing off her figure in a black top that caused a furor among her Instagram followers, to the more than two and a half million who follow her. The singer received thousands of compliments and comments flattering her curves.

The post with which Sofía Reyes dazzled everyone from Madrid. Source Instagram @sofiareyes

As for the love life of Sofia Reyesit was said that he was having a relationship with Alosian Vivancos and assured that they are only great friends, but that he has taught him to love and that there is a lot of affection between the two of them, but clarifying that they are not dating and only have a relationship of friends .

Sofia Reyes fell in love with everyone. Source Instagram @sofiareyes


From the chair, Sofía Reyes blew the net with her curves

From the front, Sofía Reyes dazzles by offering a dream landscape

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