Ordiales uncovers why El Tri failed in Qatar, it was not Martino’s fault

Jaime Ordiales and Tata Martino
Jaime Ordiales and Tata Martino

The Mexican National Team has failed once again in world cups, but unlike previous failures, this time it was even greater, since El Tri was unable to even reach the group stage in previous editions and they returned home after three games.

After El Tri was eliminated, Gerardo Tata Martino automatically ceased to be the technical director of the team, since his continuity in El Tri was unsustainable and both the FMF and he had already agreed to leave the team when Mexico was eliminated.

More news from the Mexican National Team:

It was not Martino, they uncover who did sell 2 games from Mexico in the middle of the world
He made Bayern Munich tremble, he already said yes and he would be the new DT of the Tri

The fans have pointed directly to Gerardo Tata Martino as the person most responsible for the historical failure of the Tri, but the sports director, Jaime Ordiales, He broke the silence and blamed Tata, in addition to mentioning the truth about why Mexico did not advance in the round.

Why does El Tri fail in World Cups?

Although he is the director of national teams, Jaime Ordiales charged against all the players, mentioning that although the Mexican player has great qualities, in important moments concentration is needed Well, mention that we are always eliminated since in that aspect we fell short.

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