Everyone thought that the drama queen was Victoria Ruffo, but fate would show that there is a better one than her

Victoria Ruffo.
Victoria Ruffo.

Victoria Ruffo, has been considered by many as one of the first actresses in Mexico, who, thanks to her talent and dedication, even at the age of 60, continues to be so important on television that she is even offered leading roles. And it is that talking about Ruffo is synonymous with rating, which has allowed him to be known not only in the country, but also in other latitudes.

However, the passion with which Victoria works has made her considered an expert, since there is no novel in which Ruffo does not give 100% and is so committed to the character that many people really believe everything he says and does. But it seems that the ex of Eugenio Derbéz has received competition and not even because she is currently the face of “Corona de lágrimas 2”, she would be worth it to continue being called “The drama queen”.

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The actress who would take the position from Victoria Ruffo, due to the dramas in her life

It seems that working on television, having fame and money, is not synonymous with things always going well in the life of an actress, and despite the fact that most are laughs, when misfortunes occur, there is nothing worth it, And although many bite the bullet to cope with the dramas of their lives, there are those who break down and let their true feelings and truths emerge.

And this is precisely what would have happened with Penélope Menchaca, whom many would fear working with her, since there is no production that is there and that emerges victorious; and although for many it would be mere causality, for others they would assure that she would carry a curse that she would not have been able to get rid of, making her life become an eternal drama and she only has to suffer and cry.

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